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   We remain the only Ground Combat Element (GCE) community without a formal association.  In addition to building this memorial, and after many decades and efforts to establish an all-encompassing and unified Trac Association, we are concurrently standing up a formal Community Association – the Amphibious Tractor Association (ATA).  

   Of note, our association is already established as a 501 (c) 3 with the Internal Revenue Service.  We will soon promulgate the ATA Charter, and offer official membership opportunities. 

   Our association mission is: to unite the Trac Community in purpose, legacy, and fellowship, to recognize and reward exceptional Marines in this community, and to offer needs based financial and educational  support to our Marines and families.  Any donations to the memorial, should there be residuals following the completion of our memorial, will automatically carry forward to the association, and the development and welfare of Marines.   

   We look forward to welcoming all Alligator Marines aboard the Amphibious Tractor Association.


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