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The Amphibious Tractor Memorial will be placed in the center, most prestigious, and last Rally Point at the National Museum of the Marine Corps Memorial Walk.  This Rally Point is located at the confluence of three beautifully landscaped, and ADA accessible, walkways near the Sgt. Reckless Memorial.  The red star on the map marks the spot.  Those at the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation who approved the design of the memorial claimed it will be "the Crowned Jewel of the Memorial Walk."  In fact, this Rally Point was being held for a world class memorial that held meaning and importance far beyond any platform or community. 

Our memorial will honor the legacy and contributions of Trac'rs and Tracs.  Our memorial and community earned the honor of this Rally Point because of it's world class design, and because of the service defining capability Alligator Marines, and their Machines, provide or nation and Corps.  YAT YAS!


The LVT-1:   

All Trac’rs trace their roots to Roebling’s Alligator & the LVT-1.  

The Alligator:

The LVT had its origins in a civilian rescue vehicle called the Alligator. Developed by Donald Roebling in 1935, the Alligator was intended to operate in swampy areas, in-accessible to both traditional cars and boats, to rescue downed aviators and others. The USMC became interested in the machine after learning about it in Life magazine. The Alligator is the mascot of the Assault Amphibian Community. 


LVTs were first used offensively during the amphibious assault at Betio Island, Tarawa Atoll in November 1943 in order to negotiate the barrier reef, and arrive to the most heavily defended beaches the Americans ever met in the Pacific. LVTs first saw action at Guadalcanal, the first American offensive action in the Pacific, however, they were primarily used as logistics platforms. 



An arced stonewall will frame the backdrop of the memorial with individual bronze logos of all battalions, past and present, as well as images of Tracer's and Tracs from the LVT 1 to today. 


  • A 6' x 2.5' bronze LVT-1 will be depicted climbing over the reef at Betio island Tarawa.  

  • An LVT Machine Gunner (.50 cal) mans his weapon, with the tops of Infantry helmets visible in the troop/cargo compartment of the LVT-1.

  • Three pieces of black coral (stone) at the bow of the LVT call into mind the 3 landing beaches (code named Red 1-3)

  • Waves and churning water surrounds, and is pushed forward of, the vehicle & three representational  coral pieces as the LVT 1’s track strike and climb the submerged coral reef.  The vehicle attitude reflects this climb. 

  • In time, the water will turn into a greening blue patina from which the black coral pieces emerge, and accentuate the bronze vehicle & alligators. 

  • This will all be set upon a 8' x 5' circular smoth and polished black stone base with "Across the Reef"carved into it.

  • Menacing & properly scaled intertwined bronze alligators will encircle the base, ready to strike at visitors as they approach from each direction.  

  • The centerpiece will be set atop a smooth, oval, granite surface area with Tarawa Atoll inlayed in granite on the deck under the monument. 

  • Tarawa will be clearly depicted  by a series of black granite islands, surrounded by a dashed line depicting the encircling (and thought to be impenetrable by the Japanese) coral reef.  

  • Although referred to as the Battle of Tarawa, combat took place on and around Betio Island.  Betio Island will be clearly identified (bottom right of atoll). 

  • ‘Alligator Marines' will be inlayed on the deck. 

  • Trac'rs who donate will be informed of hidden attributes & messages within the design. 

  • Bronze Placards on the arced wall will identify donors  of $1,000 or more (not including brick cost). Donations of $100,000 - $250,000 will receive special recognition, with the first donation of $250,000 receiving top recognition (unless surpassed).

  • Bricks can be purchased and personalized to be set into the surrounding walkways,for $300, of which $90.00 goes to the AA Memorial.  The balance is retained by NMMC.

All donations and gifts are tax deductible, and 100% of all donations go to funding the monument. 

Donation Objective:  $450,000* - $500,000*    

** Best estimate for Design, Build, Purchase & Prep of Rally Point, and Installation of the Memorial.   Current as of June 2022

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